Ensuite Hire Prices

Ensuite Hire Prices

The price quoted includes standard* delivery, setup, decomissioning and removal of the unit.  The ensuite needs to be positioned on a flat hard surface and be within 20 metres to access power, water and the sewer access point.  It is the responsibility of the person taking out the hire to disclose any variations to the standard delivery.  Should we arrive on site and find that it is not a standard delivery, we reserve the right to charge extra for the delivery and set up.

All of our units include a storage tank for the hot water only.  The sewer must be plumbed to a point within 20 metres of where our ensuite is positioned on your block.  Our delivery team member will locate the sewer access point once onsite.  Our toilet will flush like a standard in-house unit NOT a drop box /storage port-a-loo system.

Standard delivery :

reversing ensuite into position onsite and unhitching it.

Non standard delivery :

manually pushing it into position and incurs an extra fee of $2.00 per minute (calculated from unhitch to time until unit is ready for use and again at collection).

Security Deposit :

A $200 security deposit will be processed on your credit card, in addition to the hire charge, $50 = key and $150 = cleaning fee.
The full $200 will be refunded at the conclusion of the hire period on the condition that the unit is returned in the same condition as it was delivered and the key is returned with the unit.

Blocked toilet :

The waste from the toilet is removed by an on-board pump. This pump is certified for use with your ensuite however, it is not suitable for wet wipes, paper towel, nappies, feminine hygene products and/or large quantities of toilet paper as these things will cause the pump to get clogged and not work as it should. It is suggested to flush before and after each use and limit the amount of toilet paper used to a minimum. Should your toilet get blocked up during your hire period, we will send out a service technician to unblock the pump and clear the waste however, it will come at an additional charge of $250 to you.

Dimensions of unit :

2.65 metres high x 2.30 metres wide and 5 metres long (external dimensions). Please make sure you check these dimensions with the proposed location of the ensuite. Should we arrive onsite to find that we are unable to position the unit in your desired location and you wish to cancel the ensuite hire, we reserve the right to withhold a delivery fee from any refund offered.

Extension of hire :

If you wish to extend the period of hire, it will be an additional $80 per day, $500 per week or $2000 per month, whichever is cheaper, Ramp additional $200 per week. It is the responsibility of the company/person hiring the unit to contact us should you wish to extend the hire contract. We make every attempt to accommodate requests to extend however, the more notice you give us, the greater chance you have to extend.

Please let me know if you require further information.

special conditions:

  • A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking with balance due upon delivery
  • A $150 cleaning fee, per unit will be charged should the unit/s not be presented the same way they are delivered.
  • A $50 key fee, per unit will be charged should the key/s not be returned with the unit.
  • Credit card details are required as a security

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